Energy management

We have already started to introduce an energy management system. The main focus is on energy saving, resource conservation and cost reduction – Our contribution to climate protection.

A new CAQ system introduced – ‘BABTEC’

Our new CAQ system provides optimum support to help us make continual improvements to our processes and product quality assurance. Statistical analyses to evaluate production processes represent a further parameter for improving processes. The integrated complaints management system guarantees effective handling of complaints and helps to implement measures – An added guarantee for you.

Promoting innovation

It is our aim to develop new products and technologies on a permanent basis. You can see an innovative project (‘Dividing barrier reflector’) here which the German State Ministry for Finance and Economy (Ministerium für Finanzen und Wirtschaft) has funded – Innovations for your success.

New website

We are pleased to welcome you to our new website. We intend to expand the site on a continuous basis for the benefit of our customers and prospective customers. We will be pleased to receive any requests or suggestions for improvement from you, so that we can further develop the site together on a permanent […]