Ultra Reflex develops and produces solutions for sensors, high-end solutions which always go one step further – precise and powerful with pinpoint accuracy.

Ultra Reflex reflectors and mirrors are optimally and precisely matched to their corresponding reflective photoelectric sensors in terms of design and technical requirements such as range and reflection factors. Our solutions are highly reflective, thus guaranteeing optimum safety for people, machines, processes and the environment.

Different reflector sizes, formats and shapes, fastening systems and surface finishes are available to suit the required sensor ranges, installation location, mounting requirements and environmental factors.

Corner reflectors are primarily used in mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive industry, storage and materials handling technology, the printing and paper industry, packaging systems and in door, gate and lift construction.

You can select from an extensive range of standard and special reflectors:

  • Standard reflectors, rectangular, adhesive
  • Standard reflectors, rectangular, with screw holes
  • Standard reflectors, rectangular, with moulded-in screws
  • Standard reflectors, round, adhesive
  • Standard reflectors, round, with screw holes
  • Standard reflectors, round, with moulded-in screws
  • Standard reflectors, round, with clip fastening
  • Mini-reflectors
  • Micro-reflectors
  • High temperature-resistant reflectors
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Surface-treated reflectors
  • Reflective bands/reflective panels
  • Special reflectors

We will be pleased to discuss developing new, creative, innovative, unique products with you – products with a wow factor.