Tool manufacture + optics

Precision and expertise

The key success factors in plastics processing are the development, design and, ultimately, the precision of a tool. Our highly motivated employees in Mould Construction and Design produce high-precision tools and fixtures for thermoplastics processing on ultra-precision processing and diamond milling machines.

Ultra-precision and diamond processing are used to produce injection moulding tools, micro-structures, galvanic coatings and metal optics for reflex reflectors, reflectors and precision plastic optics.

Tool maintenance and repair in our own tool shop ensures that tools have a long service life.

A tool does not meet all requirements until it can be used reliably in processes during production, thus contributing to a smooth manufacturing sequence.

Our tool shop has the experience and know-how required for absolute precision whether you need optical tool inserts for reflex reflectors, plastic optical components or reflex reflector galvanisation for automotive lights.