Chemikalien beständige Reflektoren

Reflectors for photoelectric sensors –

Chemical-resistant reflectors – the perfect protection when using cleaning agents and disinfectants

Our chemical-resitant reflectors are resistant to a wide range of chemicals, to which conventional reflectors are not resistant. This ensures a significantly longer service life and reduces maintenance and operating costs. These reflectors are used, for example, in food processing plants where harsh cleaning agents and disinfectants are used. The reflectors meet the requirements of protection class IP69K. The durability of the chemical-resistant reflectors is covered by an Ecolab-certificate.

The chemical-resistant reflectors are available according to your requirements.

  • Standard chemical-resistant-reflectors:
    are cost-effective reflectors made from a chemically resistant plastic.
  • Encapsulated chemical-resistant-reflectors:
    reflectors made of PMMA in a housing made of chemically resistant plastic. The reflective properties are similar to those of standard reflectors.
  • Reflectors in stainless steel housings:
    reflectors made of PMMA, which are enclosed in a stainless steel housing and tightly sealed with a glass cover. These reflectors have the highest chemical resistance and are perfect for extreme environments.

Chemical-resistant reflectors

Standard chem. Reflektoren

Standard chemical-resistant reflectors

gekapselte chem. Reflektoren

Encapsulated chemical-resistant reflectors

Reflektoren in Edelstahlgehäusen

Reflectors in stainless steel housings