Honest, transparent and reliable

Many of our customers, who are among the market leaders in their sector and are highly specialised, rate the quality of the products we supply and the timely delivery. The results confirm our ambition to achieve top results. It is part of our fundamental nature that every employee is aware of this and is part of quality assurance. Qualification programs and training ensure that every employee can evaluate his or her own work results and knows exactly what the consequences of his or her actions, or lack of action, are.

Quality assurance and documentation through a modern CAQ system

With an intuitive and practice-oriented CAQ system, we guarantee continuous access to all necessary information about your part. We document the results of our in-process inspections centrally and clearly directly in the CAQ database and evaluate them continuously. For you, this means comprehensible, traceable and ensured quality.

High-precision measuring equipment and testing devices for reflectors, reflex reflectors and optical plastic parts

With production-accompanying, high-precision measuring systems, testing devices and fixtures, specially designed for your part, we secure the important and special features of your series parts and ensure exactly repeatable measurements. Adherence to the tightest tolerances is indispensable. We ensure the quality of the manufactured reflectors, reflex reflectors and optical plastic parts with special light measuring devices and optical measuring systems.

Cost awareness and cost transparency

Cost awareness, efficiency and sustainability are closely linked for us. Sustainable business practices, the best possible use of resources, investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and efficient processes are part of strategic projects that we are constantly working on. This cost awareness is anchored in all our processes, such as the development of clever solutions and manufacturing with factory self-inspection, zero-defect strategy and efficiency projects. We treat your costs as if they were our own.

Reliability and partnership are very important to us

Reliability is one of our corporate values. We are aware that this value is an important basis for a successful and long-term business relationship with you. We constantly monitor and improve the reliability of our business processes. In this way, we create a transparency that enables us to know the exact status of your order at any time. Through the precise planning and monitoring of the quality of the products, we achieve a delivery reliability of over 98%. On this basis, we guarantee punctual delivery and also a shipment that is free of defects and complete. Discover our performance for yourself and secure a competitive advantage.


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