Standard reflectors

Reflectors for photoelectric sensors –

Standard reflectors – available at short notice and universally applicable

The large number of standard reflectors enables optimum adaptation to the sensors and installation situations used. With Ultra Reflex reflectors, you can achieve the highest reflection values and ranges. Depending on your application, you have a choice of different designs, mounting options and triple sizes for optimal sensor function. The reflectors can be used in conjunction with sensors with and without polarising filters. The triple sizes from 2.3mm to 4mm are used for sensors with medium to large light spots.


Reflektoren eckig zum Schrauben

Reflectors, angular, to be screwed

Reflektoren eckig zum Kleben

Reflectors, angular, to be glued

Reflektoren rund

Reflectors round

Reflektoren mit Gewindebolzen

Reflectors with threaded bolt

Reflektoren zum Clipsen

Reflectors to be clipped