Ultra Reflex technische Kunststoffteile


Technical plastic parts – precise and durable

You don’t want to spend time on things that are not part of your core business and want to work with a partner who is fully committed to you. We have your back if we want to convert your idea into plastic or, for example, replace a metal part with plastic.

We work according to the standards established in the automotive industry with modern CAD and simulation programs, standardised project and sampling processes. Our materials expertise in conjunction with our digitalised and automated processes guarantee you both adherence to deadlines and flexibility for economical and sustainable solutions.

Technical plastic parts

Funktionsteil (Sanitär)

Functional part (sanitary)

Funktionsteil Gleitlager

Functional part (slide bearing)

Massenartikel Verpackung

Bulk item (packaging)

Chemikalienbeständiges Funktionsteil

Chemical resistant functional part (oil industry)

Glasfaserverstärktes Funktionsteil

Glass-fibre reinforced functional part

Glasfaserverstärktes Designteil

Glass-fibre reinforced desin part