Reflektor Bänder Felder

Reflectors for photoelectric sensors –

Reflector fields, refleCTIVE tapes – when the size of the reflector is decisive

  • Reflective tapes
    The simplest and most cost-effective option is to use reflective tape. This allows large reflective areas to be produced seamlessly. We also offer standard items where the reflective tape is bonded to aluminium plates.
  • Reflector fields made of composite reflectors
    If you need high-quality reflector fields with which you can also realise ranges of over 1,000 m, we offer you reflector fields made of composite reflectors mounted on adapted carriers.
  • Reflective panels
    Reflective panels are very suitable if you want to adjust your sensor variably over a longer distance. We offer various versions such as reflective tapes, which are glued as sheets on aluminium rails or connected as laminate with PMMA strips, but also reflective tapes made of seamlessly assembled reflectors that are mounted in an aluminium profile.