Reflextor Galvanos


Reflex electroforms, tool inserts – optimal interplay of perfection and functionality

You want to injection mould reflectors and reflectors yourself and need tools with which you can exceed the required reflectivity values. We can deliver them to you. Ultra Reflex is a leading manufacturer of reflex electroforms and reflector inserts. You can also benefit from this know-how if you want to manufacture these components yourself using the injection moulding process.

With corresponding reflex electroforms and tool inserts, we enable you to produce your own reflectors in-house, which even exceed the required reflex values. We also advise you on the optimal injection moulding process and the correct care of the mould inserts. We are happy to pass on the knowledge we have acquired over many years.

On request, we can carry out initial sampling for you, including the preparation of test protocols. The parts are measured in our own test laboratory in accordance with the current ECE guidelines. We also ran the reflex electroforms with a test protocol that confirms the quality.

reflex electroforms


Standard reflex electroform, pin size 2,38 (hexagonal)

Sondergalvano Seitenmarkierung

Special reflex electroform, pin size 2,38 (hexagonal)


Reflex electroform with fine prism structure