Reflectors for photoelectric sensors –
flexible Application

Reflective tapes – when the thickness and flexibility of the reflective material is important

You are looking for a flexible solution for many uses

Flexible and thin reflective tape can often be an alternative to reflectors. This gives you flexibility and allows you to cut your reflector to size. Note that the reflective behaviour of reflective tape is less favourable than that of reflectors, so long ranges cannot be achieved.
With us, you will find reflective tape that is specially manufactured for sensor applications. These are microprismatic reflective tapes that have excellent reflective performance. Reflective tapes specially designed for laser sensors are also available. The tape has a self-adhesive coating on the back and allows for easy application. They are available in rolls, blanks, die-cuts and sheets.

Reflective tapes


Reflective tape T7500 for standard photoelectric sensors and laserdistancing measuring devices


Reflective tape T8000L for laser sensors

Reflexfolie Lasersensoren

Reflective tape T1000L for laser sensors

Reflexfolie Kamerasysteme

Reflective tape 7610 for camera systems

Reflexfolie Sonderanwendungen

Printed reflective tape – for special applications